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Are You in the 200 Club?

The Sporty runs a 200 Club to raise much needed funds.

Would you like to be a member? Tickets are £1.00....yes £1.00 each and you can only have a maximum of 10 numbers.

Tickets are pulled out of the hat on a monthly basis and with a bit of luck you could be a winner!

Prizes are as follows:

12 x monthly winners each receive £25.00
12 x runners up prizes £15.00 each

additionally 4 quarterly prizes of £50.00

and an annual prize of £75.00

To join the 200 club simply complete the application form and hand it in at the bar or e mail it to Alex Oswell by clicking HERE. Complete the standing order form and pass it to your bank. It's as simple as that!

Winning numbers will appear on this site on a monthly basis.

Thanks for helping to support the Sports Club.....

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